Ceramic coating for high temperature applications


The ceramic parts are manufactured using a water stabilised plasma torch. In the plasma jet ceramic powder is melted, accelerated and projected onto a metal tool where the molten grains flatten and solidify, building a layered structure. The result: Our world-wide unique plasma ceramic with its brand name plascera®.
WPT can also be used to coat steel, graphite and various reinforced materials (e.g. plastics) with ceramics.


  • Alumina
  • Mullite
  • Spinell
  • Zirconia toughened alumina
  • Zirconia
  • Zirconium silicate

Possible dimensions

Flat parts

Cylindrical parts

Technical coating features

  • Usable up to approx. 1300°C
  • Provides thermal and electrical insulation
  • Tolerates thermal shocks
  • Resistant to compression loads
  • Can be used in a vacuum or in environments with various gases
  • Prevents product contamination
  • Is not wetted by various molten metals
  • Avoids pick-up effect
  • Resistant to friction and abrasion


  • Industrial furnace engineering: pipes, rotary tubes, insulating tubes, burner tubes, racks
  • Steel industry: furnace rollers, bearing blocks
  • Petrochemistry: ferrules
  • Glass industry: furnace rollers
  • Semiconductor industry: liner tubes
  • Chemistry: ceramic reactors, combustion chambers
  • Mechanical engineering: sheath tubes
  • HT processes: rack for vacuum soldering
  • Waste incineration: rotary tubes
  • Waste separation: insulating tubes
  • Crystal growth: protective tubes, insulating tubes